Resource Persons:

Resource Persons from across the country join hands with CBRF to assist the Foundation in rendering the necessary training to staff of NGO Partners and persons with disability. These Resource Persons also conduct pre-assessment and post-evaluation studies of projects that CBRF funds.

Training Centers

CBRF links up with various training centersto train the field staff of Partner NGOs in Community Based Rehabilitation. Currently we work with four Training Centres around the country.

CBRF Staff

Mr. Srinivasan

(Field Officer)

Frontline Volunteers

Mr. Nicholas GuiaRebelo

Ms. Julian Peter

Mr. G. Venkatesa Reddy

Mr. K. Kempaiah

Mr. B. NamghaklungKabui

Mr. Chiranjeevi. S

Ms. Jessy P. Varghese

Ms. Maria Gerard Leena

Mr. K. N. Sudeendra Kumar

Mr. Francis AngampuMaringmei

Ms. Namita Ekka

Ms. Netrasikha Dutta

Mr. Jesvar Fernando

Mr. Tominic George

Mr. Fathima Reddy

Mr. Daniel Abraham

Mr. D. Prasad