Children with disabilities are included in regular schools so that they could play with other children, study with them, compete with them and just be a child!

However, some children cannot go to school. These are children with severe and multiple disabilities. Here, we train the parents and care-givers to provide home based education. Mothers’ Support Groups are formed in the village to provide a platform of support the families having children with severe and multiple disabilities.

Child Support Groups are also formed to assist all children with disabilities as and when required.

What CBRF Does?

  • engages with the Government to provide appropriate education for all,
  • trains parents, siblings and community members to provide home based care and support for those with severe disabilities,
  • provides play/recreational material for home bound severely disabled children such as Deafblind children,children with Cerebral Palsy, children with intellectual disabilities ( Mental Retardation) and children with multiple disabilities
  • provides special educational equipment – braille kits, low vision kits, educational kits for the intellectually disabled (popularly called MR kits),
  • facilitates activities of children support groups – these groups help children with disabilities in school and at home,
  • supports for engaging educational volunteers/tutors to facilitate inclusive education.



Interventions Current achievement Projected need


3621 4678
Scholarships 1878 3713
CwDs in Children’s support groups 1019 2731
Co-curricular activities 2399  


You can help include a child with disability in mainstream education!