Health is a primary need of every citizen. However, for persons with disabilities in general and for those with severe and multiple disabilities, accessing appropriate health services from the existing system is a far cry. There are persons with high support needs who require special assistance as briefed below for their survival and to lead a dignified life. None of these are available in rural areas.

What CBRF Does?

  • engages with the Government to provide health and rehabilitation for all,
  • ensures primary access to general health care for all persons with disabilities,
  • ensures access to nutritional food including immunity boosting foods in view of developing resistance to infections,
  • makes provision for medical support for persons with mental illness and persons with seizure disorders,
  • facilitates therapeutic services for the severely disabled from professionals and institutions,
  • makes provision for suitable aids and appliances to improve mobility and other functional abilities,
  • ensures that the severely disabled are cared for through personal assistance (some require 24/7 personal care services),
  • makes provision for corrective surgeries.






Current achievement Projected need
Corrective surgeries


194 623
Medication for Seizure Disorder 459 688
Medication for Mental Illness 616 979
Aids & Appliances


3388 7674


You can help us achieve our dream of achieving health and rehabilitation for all!