All women and men with disabilities (PwDs) can and want to be productive members of society. PwDs who were looked upon as a burden have now become bread-winners and contributing members of the family. Your support would help them become part of the workforce.

What CBRF does?

  • facilitates skill training in local trades, in collaboration with NGOs or government departments,
  • provides seed money so that persons with disability can commence rural livelihood start-ups,
  • helps those who qualify to secure regular jobs in the private and public sector,
  • help them to access various schemes and benefits provided by the Government.


Interventions Current achievement Projected need
Vocational training 1657 5425
Open employment 1709 5086
Wage employment 3901 10155
Self-employment 1174 6240
Income generation activities through livelihood support 3350 10171
Disability allowance 8045 15289


You can help a PwD become a bread winner!