Green Drive Campaign

Green Drive Campaign

The Green Drive Campaign of CBRF aims at bringing about transformation in environment through DPOs

Major Objectives:

  • To give employment opportunities to PwDs
  • To neutralize environmental damage
  • To support NationalGreen Drive
  • Inclusive plantation


The Green Drive Campaign intends to create a Green Environment by involving rural based Persons with Disabilities (PwDs),along with NGOs, in the process of increasing the green coverage as part of the National Green Drive.

Each PwD will be invited to plant 300 saplings. Initially they will be paid Rs. 10 for each sapling that they plant.The health of the saplings that are planted will be assessed after 6 months – for each healthy sapling they will receive another amount of Rs.10 per tree. All this is in view of ensuring that the trees that are planted grow into healthy trees.

Hence, for 300 saplings they will earn an amount of Rs. 6,000 which will be used to commence a livelihood initiative. In this manner,this Drive will also lend to creating viable livelihood opportunities for Persons with Disabilities.

Hence you will be contributing to two causes at the same time: making India Green and creating a livelihood opportunity for one in great need.

 Keeping in mind social distancing in this pandemic era, CBRF has come out with the above plan to join hands with like-minded corporates, organizations and individuals to bring about a lasting change in our environment and in the lives of Persons with Disability. Check out the campaigns listed below and join us as a partner.


You Click we plant

Greet with a Plant and by creating livelihoods for the poor PwDs:

Celebrate an occasion with a unique gift!!! – Plant a Tree – CBRF will send an e-Certificate to the person of your choice – we will also mark a copy of the same to you.

Become an Ambassador of the National Green Drive:

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