Persons with disabilities need to learn to stand on their own feet and be determiners of their future. Help us to teach them to gain an understanding of the options open to them and to make decisions accordingly. Today, after training, many of them have moved out of the confines of their homes and are part of the decision-making bodies at village level!

What CBRF Does?

  • work in close collaboration with the local Government to ensure that the inclusion of persons with disabilities becomes a reality,
  • work on changing attitudes, thinking and behaviour of the individual, family and community to ensure that social inclusion of persons with disabilities becomes the norm,
  • form Disabled Persons’ Organizations (DPOs) and build the capacities of persons with disabilities through leadership and other need-based training inputs,
  • get the empowered Disabled Persons’ organizations to do something for their community,
  • ensure that these DPOs care for the rights and needs of PwDsonce the partnership phase with CBRF is over. This is done in interaction with the local community and the Government. In this way the work that CBRF starts in remote corners of the country, goes on unabated …


Interventions Current achievement Projected need
No. of DPOs 3,621 4,500
No. of members in DPOs 48,573 60,000
No. of issues resolved 61 105



You can help to put this sustainable structure in place!