Subhatra, a girl who enlarged her boundaries

Subhatra, a girl who enlarged her boundaries

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“The human spirit is one ability, perseverance and courage that no disability can steel away”

The birth of any child is an occasion for joy. When Subhadra was born however, her parents were distressed. Subhadra was born without both her arms. Her parents decided to bring her up with love and care.

It was in 2009 that Subhadra was identified by the CBR workers of Sadhana when she was 4 years old. They encouraged her to use her feet for daily living activities like washing, brushing, bathing, toileting, eating and writing etc. Subhadra worked hard to do all these activities by herself. Subhadra grew up trying to do all the things her friends and other people around did. Later, she was taken to Bhubaneswar for training in using her feet for toileting.

Subhadra can put on her dress, comb her hair, brush her teeth, care for her toileting needs, eat, write – all with her feet!

She doesn’t stop there, she helps her family make sabai rope, sweeps the yard and helps in making food – again, with her legs!

Subhadra is also a live wire in her school. She was admitted to the local school when she was identified by the CBR team. Subhadra is now in the 9th Standard. What is remarkable is the fact that she secured 92% aggregate in her class 7 final examination and 75% in her class 8!

Subhadra is also interested in art. She participated in district level art competitions in 2016 for persons with disability and won the 1st prize in foot art. In 2018, she bagged the 1st prize, once again, in the district level drawing competition.

A noble spirit that refuses to be fettered!

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