Persons with disabilities need to learn to stand on their own feet and be determiners of their future. Help us to teach them to gain an understanding of the options open to them and to make decisions accordingly. Today, after training, many of them have moved out of the confines of their homes and are part of the decision-making bodies at village level!

In 2020 CBRF has also entered the arena of Disability inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction. The focus of these interventions is on building up the resilience of the local community. The local community is made aware that persons with disabilities have to be included in Disaster Risk Reduction plans right from the planning stage – they should not be an after-thought.   As and when a natural disaster strikes, CBRF will also foray into the arena of Humanitarian Aid.


What CBRF Does?

  • organises training on disaster preparedness to communities across 20 states and 1 union territory,
  • ensures that these rural communities understand how plan for the inclusion of persons with disabilities during disaster preparedness exercises and how to care for their needs during a disaster,
  • spreads know how on Disability inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction,
  • provides / arranges for assistance during a disaster.

You can help ensure that persons with disabilities are cared for even during a Disaster!