Institution Based Rehabilitation V/s Community Based Rehabilitation (IBR V/s CBR)


Institution Based Rehabilitation V/s Community Based Rehabilitation (IBR V/s CBR)

Services to persons with disabilities started off centuries ago as a charity and welfare taking care of them in institutions. Still such institutional services thrive in spite of several advances in social, educational, economic and political developments across the globe.

The IBR services however good, were not able to reach out to 90% of persons with disabilities due to their limited numbers, geographical situation, high costs and also due to the resistance of persons with disabilities themselves because of the adverse situation faced by them in the new environment.

CBR Services started in 1980’s due to the efforts made by international organizations like World Health Organizations (WHO) and others. It aimed to bring the services to persons with disabilities to their door steps involving the families and the community in general and the persons with disabilities themselves in the decision-making process. CBR aims at enabling the services available to all to be equally accessible, available and affordable to persons with disabilities in the true spirit of ‘Inclusion”.

The United Nations Convention of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) advocated that persons with disabilities have the RIGHT to live in their respective communities and receive services as required as a RIGHT and the STATE is duty bound to provide these. The subsequent passing of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act (RpwD Act 2016) further stressed the sentiments as expressed in the UN Convention on the right to live in the community and get the required services.

It is rightly observed by the experts that it is equally important to promote social, emotional and psychological wellbeing of persons with disabilities besides their physical, educational and economic development. This is possible only when the person with disability has a chance to live in his/her own family/community and still gets the required support. The positive contribution of CBR is attributed to this leading to an overall development of persons with disabilities as equal citizens of the nation.

Written By : Mr. K. Kempaiah

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